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Support No Locals

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In a medium sized rectangular display window there is an Oakland Athletics themed sticker that reads “Support Local”. Once stepping onto the half paved stair that leads into a white walled gallery, abstract paintings grab your attention with the different colors and images that fill the easel. Although this gallery is located in the Uptown Oakland area, the heart of Oakland, it is hard to understand why there are so many paintings that contain San Francisco memorabilia especially when the gallery is supposedly supporting local.
“It only took 3 short years before our small elegant galleries turned into some type of tourist attraction,”commented Salid Malik, a local artist. Malik has been an artist for ten years and has recently begun displaying her art in the local galleries and bars for publicity. She has noticed the increase of Los Angeles artists becoming popular in Oakland in the past year. “Sasha Rose, Derick Brown, and Hakeem Poplin are all brilliant artists, but they’re not form the bay so they shouldn’t get credit as if they are.” Malik explains. “It has taken me a decade just to get this far and Rose has only been out here for about a year and she has already been in two of the underground mags.” Rose is a Los Angeles native and recently moved to Oakland and became an instant success. “All this local stuff is just for the convenience of having people feel good about coming to Oakland, there’s no real support,” explained Malik.
Art in Oakland has never been a popular attraction, but ever since Uptown began the Art murmur, art has become more of an interest. Murmur became popular in 2009 when the organization had their First Friday, an art crawl of a sixteen-block radius that occurs first Friday of the month, it wasn’t well known and only people in the area knew about the event. Uptown has been the reason why people have been coming as far as San Jose to see the new art everyone is talking about. Besides the drinking and the random parties that are associated with the Art Murmr, artists have been the biggest attraction for Uptown’s visitors. More than half of the galleries in the area claim that all of their artists are Oakland natives. About half of the Uptown galleries have artists that are not from Oakland or the Bay Area. These galleries have become misleading in order to gain wealth from the Murmur goers. Art Murmur has become well liked with nightlife scene and the galleries have taken advantage of the supporting local term.
In 2011, the Murmur scene became well known through the art scene, and more artists from the Bay Area started to attend. Oakland artists started to establish publicity through the bars and low-key galleries. The rising fame of the artists, although the fame was only in the immediate area, artists began flocking to the area in hopes of having the same fame as the local artists. “I remember hearing that Cole D (a Los Angeles artist) came to Oakland and instantly found a spot in a gallery…I thought man Oakland, what’s in Oakland?” said Steve Olie, former Los Angeles native artist. A rise of Southern California artists has occurred and has becoming more popular than the local artists. These artists have falsely claimed that they are from Oakland in order to gain the publicity. Murmur goers are attending these First Friday events thinking they are viewing Oakland artists when actually most of the artists are from the Los Angeles area. This is a problem in the Murmur scene because of the false advertisement that is surrounding the affair.
Although Uptown cannot band artists that are not from Oakland to participate in Murmur, there should be a way to scale down the amount of artists that are gaining popularity when there are artists from Oakland that are just as good as the others. Gus Braxter has been an Oakland artist for decades and has never had his work in any gallery. “Being known is hard to do in a city that isn’t known for creativity like art…artists now days have it hard than others did decades ago. We can’t run off these people just because they aren’t from out here. If they get the fame now let them keep it, it won’t last long.” Braxter went on to say, “ These few artists that are out here aren’t stealing business away from others, they were better at getting attention than the rest of us.” Few local artists refused to talk about the increase of the artists but one did talk about how it has effected him from having his work shown, “ In the last 9 months I have been skipped every time for my work to be shown at the bar, I’ve been beat out 4 times by people who aren’t from here but local characters in their pieces to make it more appealing. I’m tired of it, I’m losing a lot of possibilities to these artists that could do just as well in LA but want to stay up here for God knows what,” complained an artist who remains anonymous. There is no real solution to remove these artists according to most of the local artist. Although researching through Oakland’s galleries 3 out 7 artists are not from Oakland. That is about half of the artists out of 15 galleries are not from Oakland. Meaning the art that is being viewed is about 50 percent not from locals.
The only good outcome about this problem is that Murmur is bringing a lot of business to Oakland. Murmur is also bringing people to Oakland and letting people see there is a better side in Oakland than just drugs and killing. In a way Oakland citizens should feel flattered that people want to move here just to say they are from here. “ One thing I will say about this whole thing, once people get the feel out here it’s hard to leave such a beautiful city like Oakland.” Said Malik.

View the top offenders of non local artists

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A few of the Galleries that arent local

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And Another One

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Another Art Murmur has past in Uptown. As usual the streets were filled with people from all over the bay area. New art exhibits premiered in two new art galleries on Telegraph. On 17th street and San Pablo the piano store gave a free concert for those who arrived early for the art murmur. Besides the standard behavior of this event, the attendance was massive. This weekend brought in a lot of business for this area.

Can’t Fail When Going To Rudy’s Cafe

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May I get a triple venti sugar-free vanilla soy latte with three splendas and no foam? Or how about just a really good cup of coffee? With good atmosphere and free spirited people to join your company.  That sounds like Rudy’s Cant Fail Café.

            Morning, noon, and night there are people in the Rudy’s Cant Fail Café.  Some people come in to Rudy’s own their way to work and don’t want that coffee shop experience, while others come in for lunch and a quick beer.  The night crowd is usually the biggest crowd of the day.  People come in after work, others from the Paramount Theatre, and some come because it has become the neighborhood gathering for most.

            Rudy’s Cant Fail Café first opened in Emeryville in 2002.  After being such a huge success the owners, one of the owners being Mark Dirnt, a member from the rock group Green Day, decided to open another café in the center Uptown Oakland next to the Fox Theatre in Jun. 6. 2011.

            Walking into the Rudy’s, the first thing that catches anyone’s eye is the brightly lit Rudy’s Can’t Fail Café sign at the top of the building.  Then the eye drifts to all the tables that are place outside.  The tables are arranged in a scattered pattern with people walking in between them just to get air from the unpredictable crowd that arrived.  Once entering the café, the host gives a friendly greeting and quickly seats the customers at one of their distracting tables.

Rudy’s tables are covered with 50s style toys and cards to keep the visitors interests while enjoying their meal.  Smaller tables appeared to have more toys put inside of the tables, whereas the larger tables where left blank.  The red shiny retro chairs make the café livelier. 

            The café is more built as a restaurant.  Rudy’s is big and spacious with tons of tables filling the entire store.  There is the classic counter, where usually men would gather to eat their lunch, now the counter is occupied with all different types of people.  The people range from local tattoo artists to other restaurant owners who can’t get enough of their well-known burgers.   

            Rudy’s Can’t Fail Café fits very well into the Uptown area.  The café’s different style makes the residents want to come more. It being next to the Fox Theatre has also created talk of it becoming the new gathering for after shows.  Uptown has found its new attraction.

Art wall @Sausage

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